Rina Scafidi
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About the artist

Rina Scafidi has a new autograph. Recent travels to her homeland, Italy, opened the window to her heritage and as the last remaining heiress of her parental lineage Rina has decided to honor the legacy of her Father's family name by adding it to her own renowned signature. Let me introduce her anew as Rina Alesseri Scafidi.

Rina was born in Genova, Italy where she lived until moving with her husband and daughter to other places on that continent before a transfer across the Atlantic. First, she moved to Montreal, Canada, and then to Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

She has greatly expanded her use of the medium here, inspired by the feeling of freshness and outdoor life along the coast. The Artist works with a palette knife and brush technique that particularly suits her impressionistic work.  Her art curriculum also includes watercolor portraits and Icons, working with gold leaf plus Illuminated Manuscript. Rina has also received a number of awards for her paintings both in oil and portraits in watercolor, exhibited in art galleries.

Rina was a member of five Art Associations in the New England area and the co-founder of Stamford Art Association. Her work is held in private collections in the United States, England, Italy, Holland, Germany, Australia, Stamford Town Hall, and an Icon at the Basilica of St. John the Evangelist, Stamford, CT. She taught for many years with special emphasis in color and French Impressionist at her "Cove Studio".

She traveled, working "en plain air" particularly, in Provence, France where she finds her most inspiration.  Throughout the years, Rina has appeared in all local newspapers, The New York Times, The Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Times, Darien News, Connecticut Post, and a special appearance in "Dial Thirteen" Magazine. Her photograph that is depicted on this page, was chosen as sponsor for membership of the New York Botanical Garden, where she worked on location for 25 years. 

With her training in art and interest in architectural design, she attended Fairfield University with a degree of Interior Design.  Because of her spiritual background, Rina decided to present her artwork through "Spiritual Cards".  This ultimately led to the formation of her company called "TheWordCardCo.com". These blank cards with small uplifting Bible verses are very well received, with heartwarming feedback from all over the country, including Canada, Nigeria, and India. Some of her art work through the Association for Catechumenal Ministry enhances religious books that are currently being used in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Lithuania, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Singapore, Israel, and China.

Please email her directly at RinaScafidi@optonline.net to obtain more details and pricing information.


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